1. What is GIVE ?
  2. Why Should I Volunteer?
  3. Who can volunteer?
  4. Can I volunteer in Teams?
  5. I want to undertake task to help NGO, what should I do?
  6. Do I need to travel to volunteer?
  7. I don’t have any skills to volunteer?
  8. Is this the Glenmark CSR initiative?
  9. Can I bring my own NGOs?
  10. Can I volunteer for NGOs that are not on the platform?
  11. Will this have any implication on my KRA?
  12. How many hours can I volunteer?
  13. What if I volunteer less or more hours?
  14. Who will reimburse my travel expenses?
  15. Can I volunteer during working hours?
  16. My experience with the NGO was not good, what should I do?
  17. What more can I do beyond volunteering?
  18. Does this involve any kind of monetary donations?
  19. No task available based on my preference of location, skills and time, what should I do?
  20. Will I get a certificate for the activities I have volunteered in?
  21. How is the karma log calculated?
  22. What if employees want to do a task by themselves without NGOs?
  23. Can we volunteer on weekends and after working hours?
  24. If I do, will I get compensatory off?