Process for Creating Audio Books

Audio Book Creation Guide

  • Select the story you’d like to record from the list of stories and fables provided on the portal.
  • In case if you are recording an original story, please ensure that it should not be a copyrighted work of a publisher or an author.
  • Before and after recording take a brief pause so that the audio does not start or end abruptly.
  • Make sure your devices are charged and you have read the story at least once before you begin.
  • In case you accidentally fumble during the narration take a brief pause and continue from the last line. You need not re-record the whole story again.
  • You are free to use multiple styles of narration or involve your family members to participate in the storytelling exercise and make it interesting.
  • You can use the default audio recording app on your phone or device. If you’d like to do a more professional recording, you can use the below apps as per your device.

  • After completion check the recording once and upload it to the Volunteering portal for any help you can always reach out to

Discuss about your inspirational work with Colleagues and invite them too to participate in the initiative